13th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers

I've been recognized in the 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers... my third year in a row receiving this award, and invited to exhibit work in Barcelona this October 2019 at the Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography.  Out of 795 photographers from 71 countries who submitted a total of 5,610 photographs, the following seven photos received Honorable Mention from juror Elisabeth Biondi in the categories of Nature (donkeys), Children (boy on the dunes), and Self-Portrait (my nude-a-day photos from Split, Croatia!!). You can see the entire gallery of awardees here:  https://www.thegalaawards.com/results-13th-julia-margaret-cameron-award   It feels great to be recognized three years in a row in this prestigious and inspiring award... especially for work I've produced within this year. It gives me a much-needed sense of artistic self-esteem to know that my abilities as a photographer are not just a fluke of timing, but rather... a skill that only sharpens from the attentiveness I give to it. And I feel grateful for these European awards committees who took notice of me from the beginning. Now I just need to branch out ;)